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NSC | Nano Waterproofer for Concrete & Porous Substrates

Nano-Star NSC Nano Waterproofer


Nano-Star's NSC Nano Waterproofer is a liquid spray-on waterproofing treatment for porous substrates - cement/masonry/stones. It is a clever solution and highly versatile - HDB Material List approved for industrial grade use (civil and structural) and also sensitive enough for home / commercial use. NSC is a highly advanced material - NSC nanoparticles penetrate the pores of your substrates to create a water-repellent barrier. Unlike traditional sealers, it is not a membrane. It also does not flood the pores. Instead, NSC treated surfaces remain breathable. NSC waterproofing properties easily outperforms traditional / existing waterproofing systems in the market today.  

NSW | Nano Waterproofer & Oil-Proofer for Wood

Nano-Star NSW Nano Waterproofer


Nano-Star' NSW Nano Waterproofer is a water based green nanotech penetrant designed to waterproof and preserve absorptive wooden surfaces. By making wood surfaces water resistant, we can achieve dimensional stability and protection against warping and decay. Additionally, treated surfaces exhibit oil repellent properties - preventing oil from penetrating the wood surfaces. Application of NSW does not induce any visible change on the surface applied and does not block the pores (no pore sealing like traditional varnish or wood stain). This, the breathing ability of the natural wood surface is preserved.

NSM | Nano Waterproofer & Anti-Stain for Marble

Nano-Star NSM Nano Waterproofer


Nano-Star's NSM Nano Waterproofer is a water-based waterproofing treatment designed for marble surfaces. It creates a marble surface that repels water and resists stains. NSM nano particles penetrate the pores of marble surfaces to prevent staining and ease cleaning.

NSF | Nano Waterproofer for Fabric

Nano-Star NSF Nano Waterproofer


Nano-Star's NSF Nano Waterproofer is a water-based waterproofing treatment designed for fabric and cloth. NSF nanoparticles latches onto interlocking fabric microstructures to powerfully repel water - thereby keeping your cloth and fabric surfaces dry.

NXG | Nano Waterproofer for Glass

Nano-Star NXG Nano Waterproofer


Nano-Star's NXG Nano Waterproofer is a waterproofing treatment designed for glass. NXG nanoparticles when sprayed over glass surfaces assemble into a super thin layer of hydrophobic protection. NXG coated surfaces become easy to clean as hydrophobic effect causes resistance to water marks and stains.


NHB | Heat Insulating Paint


Nano-Star NHB Heat Barrier
Nano-Star NHB Heat Barrier

Nano-Star's Nano Heat Barrier (NHB) is a powerful heat insulating thermal paint that uses nanotechnology to keep coated rooms and buildings cool under the blistering sun. NHB can cut down temperatures up to 10 degrees celcius! It is a high quality odorless elastomeric emulsion paint with thermal insulating properties. Powered by Nanotechnology, it contains nano and micro-sized thermal insulating materials that can insulate against high heat levels. These particles block heat transfer, reflect thermal radiation and create a mositure barrier against water ingress. This highly advanced thermal paint reflects more tha 90% of IR Radiation. Easy to apply.

TMJ | Anti-Condensation Paint

Nano-Star TMJ Anti Condensation Paint


Nano-Star's Thermal Jacket (TMJ) is a very clever premium product built to thermally insulate walls of cold rooms experiencing condensation problems. It is a high performance paint coating that can be coated on walls to stop water formation from gaseous to liquid state even under humid conditions - stopping condensation. TMJ is designed to mimic cutting of thermal bridge, thereby ensuring walls stay condensation free. Solve your condensation problems with TMJ.

FRB | Fire Resistant Board


Nano-Star FRB Fire Board Fireproofing

Nano-Star's FRB Fire Board is a high performance proprietary board that can cut down heat conduction and radiation to stay cool even under the harshest weather conditions. FRB leverages on the unique characteristics of liquid crystals. Harnessing the non-combustible property of these crystals, FRB can withstand direct fire contact for over an hour without any compromise to material integrity.


NPC | Nano Polymer Crust



Nano-Star's NPC Nano Polymer Crust is a dual action polymer coating that protects coated substrate against extreme weathering, stain, water ingress and even slip - with just a single ultra-thin coat. NPC uses advanced nanotechnology composition to bond and protect the substrate. It is a multi-surface coating that can restore and renew old surfaces.


K12 | K12 Heavy Duty Degreaser for Grease, Oil, Dirt

Nano-Star K12 Degreaser


Nano-Star's S12K Heavy Duty Degreaser (HDG) is an industrial-strength, multipurpose cleaner designed for a variety of surfaces. It is created with a high pH to deeply cleanse and deeply penetrate the pores of the surface to remove stubborn oil, grime and other contaminants or surface residues. Built for balance, HDG is powerful yet safe to use. The product is non-toxic, biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.

*** S12K HDG was the solution used for Changi Airport Butterfly Garden - facilities required a solution strong enough to remove stubborn stains and safe enough for living organisms. 

HDG V1 | Heavy Duty Degreaser for Efflorescence, Minerals, Stains

Nano-Star V1 Degreaser


Nano-Star's Heavy Duty Degreaser V1 (HDG V1) is the ultimate cleaning solution to restoring the look of your surface and substrate. HDG V1 is a unique formulation that penetrates into your substrate pores to powerfully remove dirt, minerals, efflorescence and lime. It works in seconds. HDG V1 makes a great surface preparation product before coatings or treatment. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including metals.

FGC | Fungicide to remove Mould, Moss, Algae, Fungi

Nano-Star FGC Fungi Buster


Nano-Star's FGC Fungi Buster is the ultimate solution for your mould and fungi problems. FGC is a unique formulation that penetrates into the pores of substrates to locate fungi roots. It then suspends the foreign particle and powerfully removes it. This eradicates the problem completely to prevent recurrence. Simply wash off after curing.

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