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Creating advanced Construction Solutions that are

Stronger - Faster - Cleaner


To become the top construction solutions provider in Asia.

Nano-Star HDB Approved

Listed on HDB Material List:

Structural & Civil

Nano-Star Best Singapore

As featured on BestInSingapore:

Top 7 Waterproofing

In Singapore

Nano-Star Sustainable Green Label

Certified under SEC Label:

Green Label Certified

Nano-Star Best Singapore

As featured on Finest Singapore:

10 Finest Waterproofing

In Singapore

Nano-Star SMF Member

Singapore Manufacturing Federation: Member

Nano-Star Best Singapore

As featured on Finest Singapore:

Top Renovation Contractors

In Singapore

Nano-Star Best Singapore

As featured on Mirchelleymuses:

Best Waterproofing Services

In Singapore

Nano-Star Best Singapore

As featured on SmartSG:

Top Waterproofing Contractors

In Singapore



Nano-Star creates new age construction solutions that are stronger, faster and cleaner.

Using the latest technologies and advancements in surface chemistry, Nano-Star designs and develops highly-intelligent construction solutions and products.

Our Aim: Increase product strength, speed and decrease waste in the construction process



Nano-Star's team is a blend of science, engineering and architectural experts.

Discovery via science of the latest advanced high-performance materials

Development via engineering of material's stability and real-world application

Design via architecture of material onto substrate and site finishing



STRONGER | Nano-Star products harness the power of nanotechnology to drastically increase properties of coated substrates. Our nano waterproofers though small and invisible will waterproof substrates against extreme water pressure wand weather. Our insulative coatings are slimmer and more effective in cutting down either heat or condensation.


FASTER | Nano-Star systems are super easy to apply and cures extremely quickly. Our construction solutions will drastically increase the speed of project completion, effectively cutting down downtime by up to 90% and saving huge chunks of labour charge.

CLEANER | Nano-Star products are non-toxic, They do not contain hazardous compounds and are completely biodegradable. Our products do not harm the environment and are also friendly for human use.



All buildings in Asia to be coated with Nano-Star products.

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