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Nano-Star: End Of Year Review (2016)

As the year draws to a close, it is of value to evaluate the status of Nano-Star in the past few months of operation.

Achievements The Past Year

- Nano-Star products used for tender projects in Punggol

- Nano-Star products used for tenders from National Health Groups (TTSH)

- Nano-Star products used for tenders from Changi Airport Group (CAG T3)

- Nano-Star products used for tender projects for condominiums (Waterplace)

- Nano-Star NS Seal C product attained HDB Material Listing

The Nano-Star team and brand has gained more than significant traction in the local industry. Our products have not only been used but approved and recommended for higher level usage in the public housing projects.

We are indeed seeing a shift from the traditional methods of waterproofing using ineffective and inefficient products to the advanced methods of waterproofing using nanotechnology.

More than just sale of products, Nano-Star offers the expertise required in the construction industry not many can provide. The quality and precision in our systems speak for themselves.

Moving Forward

Many clients have consulted our team on even more advanced problems.

Our team is busy formulating the solutions for the requested problems and it will be our pleasure to publish our systems once it has been completed.

So do stay tune.

"Nanotechnology could bring about the next wave of innovation in science and engineering—the possibilities are endless." - American Chemistry Council


Isaac Ong


Nano-Star Private Limited

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