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Nano-Star: What We Stand For

Nano-Star: What We Stand For

Sustainability through advanced solutions.

Since its inception in 2014, Nano-Star has gained significant traction in the building and construction industry, both locally and globally. Particularly in Singapore, Nano-Star has already presented our materials and solutions to local organizations like HDB (Housing & Development Board), Town Councils and EM Services (a tenderer for local projects), to name a few.

Today, multiple companies and organizations have since abandoned traditional methods for our advanced solutions promising lasting-effects and cost-effectiveness. Now, these are people who understand the future.

Nano-Star thrives on its thirst for only the most advanced solutions. We pride ourselves on transferring the technology of the lab into the hands of consumers.


"We think that the fourth wave (of the future) will be the combination of artificial intelligence, biotechnology and nanotechnology."

- Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist (City College of New York)

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of particles at the size of nano-meters (10^-9). To put it in perspective, consider an apple and a typical national stadium. That would be how small the particle would be compared to the surface it is applied on or the pores it is penetrating.

Products of Nano-Star leverage on nanotehnology to boast of advanced building material performance as well as advanced surface protection.

Our recent bestseller, NS Seal C, is one such product that has proven the advanced prowess of nanotechnology applied in the area of surface protection and waterproofing. NS Seal C’s nanoparticles dress the substrate at a nano level. By manipulating the hydroxyl effect, water particles are unable to penetrate the surface. In fact, they bead – much like the lotus-leaf effect. This hyperhydrophobicity does not stop at waterproofing your surface; it actually repels water.

The Nano-Star Team

The Nano-Star team consists of architects, engineers and scientists.

Our principal architect (NUS Architecture Graduate) has had 20 years of experience in the local and global scene, managing township planning and architectural consultancy works.

As a science undergraduate in NUS (National University of Singapore), I had the privilege of working with the nano-science department to study materials at the nano-scale as well as the manipulation of these particles.

What's next for Nano-Star?

In the next few years, Nano-Star aims to be a major spokesperson for the use of nano-technology in the building and construction industry in Singapore.

As Eleanor Roosevelt has so beautifully said it, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Indeed, nano-Star is the future.


(Above) Nano-Star's principal architect presenting to the HDB board.


(Above) An example of hydrophibicity on a porous surface.

For more information regarding Nano-Star and its products and services, you may contact us at the following:

6469 3748

Warm regards,

Isaac Ong (Mr.)

Manager, Marketing

NUS Science Undergraduate


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