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Full Spectrum of Nano-Star's products


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NS Seal's range of protection (waterproofing) products is designed by the Singapore Company to provide a "total coating solution" to your everyday problems.


NS Seal uses weather-proof, water-based pentrants for waterproofing, repair, protection and maintenance.


Also, NS Seal coats and protects glass and metals.

Super-Krete specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality concrete repair and restoration materials for substrate preparation, waterproofing, leveling floors, and beautification as well as providing the necessary training and support services for their application.


The company has been involved with International Projects like Disney Theme Parks and movies like Pirates of the Carribean, Universal Studios and major highways and tunnel repairs.

RadonSeal's mission is to supply cutting-edge, professional-grade, and environment-friendly products, superior to those sold in stores.


Our customer support offers technical expertise and objective guidance on the best solutions for customers' needs

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