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NS Seal C
NS Seal W
NS Seal F
NS Seal M
NS Seal T

Powerful formulations for industrial or consumer use that creates an invincible barrier against water, mositure and stains. Just brush or spray NS Seal onto any existing surface and let the nano-particles do their job. Your surface will be protected on the nano-level!

What's more, our products are green label certified. Nano-Star is dedicated to serving only the friendliest materials to our consumers.

NS Seal



  1. NS Seal C

  2. NS Seal W

  3. NS Seal F

  4. More products on their way!

NS Seal C

NS Seal provides effective waterproofing and protection against mildew and mold of a wide range of building surfaces, cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco and natural or artifical stones.

Prevents efflorescence.

ASTM E514 Pressure Drive Water resistance tested

RILEM Test 11.4 Meansurement of Water Absorption on Cement based materials tested

ISO EN 1015-18 Capillary Coefficient Determination



NS Seal W

NS Seal W is designed to fit the unqiue properties of wooden surfaces. A combination of active ingredients repels water without changing the natural appearance fo wood. It provides complete protection for decking, dences, posts, facade, roof shingles, garden furniture and shelds, docks or any unpainted wood that needs protection from moisture.

NS Seal W contains no dangerous ingredients and is water-based.


NS Seal T

Easily applied on marbles and tiles surfaces to preserve their appearance. NS Seal T creates an impermeable invisble shield to block even the finest pores in surfaces.



NS Paint Coatings Metal Paint

NS Paint Coatings Metal Paint does not only reflect thermal radiation, but also resists heat transfer Reflection of thermal radiation is extended to more than 90% and conductivity is reduced by 5 times, in comparison to regular paints.

NS Paint Coatings Metals is also a water repelling paint.


Elastomeric Roof



  1. Interior

  2. Exterior

  3. Elastomeric Roof

  4. Metal

  5. Paint Mix

NS Paint Coating



NS Paint "blocks" thermal transfer and protects surfaces against moisture making paint water repelling. It prevents water condensation resisting mould growth on walls.

This is the nanotechnology additive for making any acrylic water based paint water-repelling and thermal-insulating.

NS Paint Coatings Elastomeric Roof

NS Paint Coatings Elastomeric Roof paint is a high quality elastomeric acrylic paint with thermal insulating properties, ideal for exterior use in horizontal and inclining surfaces. It can be applied directly on exterior horizontal surfaces (e.g. terrace) and incling surfaces. NS Paint Coatings Elastomeric Roof Paint conserves energy by being thermal reflective, blocking thermal transfer and eliminates water permeability of exterior surfaces. It has low dirt pick-up and offers complete waterproofing.

NS Paint Coatings Exterior

NS Paint Coatings Exterior provides thermal insulating particles that block heat transfer, reflect thermal radiation and create a moisture barrier that can result in significant energy savings. This is suitable for application on masonry exposed to adverse weather conditions and for the protection of damages surfaces with micro cracks.

NS Paint Coatings Interior

NS Paint Coatings Interior is a high quality odorless acrylic flat paint with thermal insulating properties, ideal for interior use. The triple action interior paint (i.e. thermal radiation reflectance, heat transfer resistance and water repellance) protects painted surfaces and improves energy efficiency.

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