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Basic Criteria or Performance Specifications

required of any

water-based penetrant product

for waterproofing/protection/toilet repair usage


[a] Products must be transparent and water-based. It uses nano-technology to penetrant into the surface.


[b] Products must not be dilutable in water (unless required). This is to avoid poor quality control or the risk of the pentrant being washed off. Treated surfaces must be able to withstand environments with constant washing or exposure to rainful and/or weathering.


[c] Product should not change the material's surface characteristics or the finishes on the surface. It should also not result in a film over the surface applied on.


[d] Product must allow high breathability of the surface it is applied over.


[e] Product to be green label certified. It must be approved as a tested green solution and the certification must be renewed annually.


[f] Provide warranty: 3 years of product performance for repair and maintenance.

Nano-Star Private Limited


A Brief Overview


Nano-Star believes in providing only "total coating solutions" to our clients. The team consists of registered building surveyors, architects, engineers and contractors.


We work with design architects and consultants to develop the necessary proprietary constructional details and method statements, inclding specifications and documentations. As such, the company carries a wide range of more than 50 waterproofing and protection products. Our base products are supplied from all over the globe - Europe, Germany, USA and Reputable Industrialists whose Industrial Plants are managed by a research team of Qualified Engineers and Chemists.


Our team of professionals ensure that Nano-Star products are formulated under the strictest International standards and adhere to Quality & Manufacturing specifications.



Patent and Intellectual Rights


All products of Nano-Star are patented by the principal. Our method statements (solutions) are specific to individual projects/clients [IP].



Our Management


We have re-structured the whole penetrant waterproof "coating" or "adhesive" product line pioneered years ago.


Today, Nano-Star markets only the products that perform above expectations. This is achieved through continuous testings and feedback from our clients.



What is Nano-Star?


Nano-Star represents a range of more than 50 unique advanced range of water-based penetrant products.


It is a water-based penetrant to protect and waterproof sufaces. Our material obeys the laws of integral waterproofing - this means it goes INSIDE the surface it is being applied on. This allows it to be as strong and lasting as the substrate.


It is weather proof, abrasion proof, scratch proof and UV proof.


Nano-Star penetrants do not alter the surface character or quality of the substrate. Unlike a coating, Nano-Star can be painted or tiled over.


As mentioned above, our products are green. Nano-Star's VOC is at 0.7 gm/l, which is much lower than Green Label's allowance of 50 gm/l.





Our range of products date back 20 years.


They have been used widely in Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East and elsewhere in Asia.



Why choose Nano-Star?


Nano-Star's work process are developed by Building Consultants for the Building Industry.


The use of Nano-Star's products and process cuts cost, time and minimizes disruptions to property owners.

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